Modernity makes great demands on the artist. Besides the ability to draw, coloring, the ability to build the composition, the artist must be able to disclose the subject to convey their message to the audience in a clear and eye-catching manner. In addition a large impact on the world of fine art in our time providing information technology and the success of the picture in the viewer depends on how the work of art draws attention in the online environment, how it is distracting from the visual chaos that surrounds modern man, whether the viewer remembers the image created artist. Modern painting should look attraktive not only in the exhibition space or the interior, but also on the monitors of computers and smart phones, on replicas on all sorts of souvenirs.

   That is, in other words, modern art is to be media. Besides it has to fulfill the main task of the fine arts - to convey to the viewer the artist's worldview, his view of society and the challenges facing them. Art must speak the truth of the artist.

  The challenge for the contemporary artist is not easy, but the artist Andrey Visnievskiy with it expertly copes.

   The idea of media art came to him in 2008 when he began work on a series of paintings "Without Masks", to which he explores the fears and the mask behind which people hide their dark side, not only from prying eyes, but also from themselves. Making sketches and sketches for the paintings of the series Andrey tried to express their ideas in the most simple, understandable form for the viewer, using the classical portrait composition and juicy, sometimes provocative coloristic. As a result, each painting of Andrey Vishnevskiy is a media, a bright and recognizable image.

   Andrey Vishnevskiy is uncompromising artist. He was not flirting with the audience, it does not invite to play the game "Come on guess." Each of his paintings by the artist states: "The fear and insincerity make human monster. Rejection of the divine essence, will lead to the suppression of aggression and degradation of the human being. "

  The images created by Andrey sometimes shocking by theyr evidence, someone they even forced to turn away, someone to think about and look at yourself. Not for nothing the series "Without Masks" is compared with a series of "Caprichos" Francisco Goya: here and there in a grotesque manner reveal the ugliness of the moral and spiritual foundations of the modern society of the artists.

  Creativity of Andrey Vishnevsky sometimes called anti-globalizating, bearing in mind above all such works as "Consumer" and "Officemen". However, the art of Andrey Vishnevskiy is beyond the scope of anti-globalization. His areas of research are much broader: it is that each of us is hiding not only from others but from themselves, that unseen dark that lies dormant somewhere in the subconscious. The art of Andrey is about a man at all. Not for nothing that the artist himself calls his style "psychological dark art." Many viewers confess to the artist, they see in his paintings themselves or their friends, that his metaphysical portraits forced them to get out of your comfort zone and think about yourself in a new way to look at the surrounding reality.


The problems addressed by the artist, sometimes too painful, but does not to toutch them is impossible for him. For Andrey expose the problem means to pave the way to understanding, to get out of pain and to take the path of healing and peace. And then Andrey Visnievskiy like any great artist confronts his art over the task:
through exposure and awareness of moral problems of modern man excite in the spectator the desire for self-improvement to make the person brighter and cleaner.


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